Some things are obvious

A. Some things are obvious replacing a sure conservative vote with a sure liberal vote will flip many important cases. But just as important are the opinions they write those […]

The cost premium

The cost premium, which is ultimately determined by the OEM, will be quickly recovered if the fuel savings of 5% or more are realized, Kay says. For forward thinking fleets […]

There are a number of other pill

Laguna Beach High staff and students have been in a tizzy this week, preparing the school for a visit by a group representing the California Distinguished School award program. The […]

to go shopping or on the odd

CAT proposal is not fiscal reform. It a complex departure from the HCR 11 Task Force and a convoluted approach to raising $900 million more in taxes from Louisiana entrepreneurs […]

The latest player to leave

The latest player to leave the Cowboys football program is redshirt freshman walk on Duell Petsch. Petsch, a former Burns High star, was moved from running back to wide receiver […]